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Online therapy (also known as teletherapy) allows you to enjoy all the benefits of professional therapy from the comfort of your home or office without disrupting your busy schedule. You will save time, as you won’t have to travel to a physical building and you don’t have to worry about dealing with traffic or bad weather.

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Dionne enjoys working collaboratively with clients tailoring intervention to each clients unique presentation and assisting them in overcoming challenges. She is very passionate about her work and she has a very down-to-earth demeanor.

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Therapy sessions are held on Google meet or Zoom and after payment is received, a link will be sent to access the session


Dr. Dionne Imara, founder of Imara’s Psychological Services.

Dr. Dionne Imara is a British born Clinical Psychologist who qualified in the UK in 2005. She has extensive experience working with both child and adolescent and adult populations. She has worked a long time in England’s NHS service, as well as in private settings. She also works with clients who come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and cultures.

Dionne has served as Guest Speaker at mental health events and she has also appeared in the media (TV and newspapers) in the Caribbean to speak on mental health issues. Dionne works with clients experiencing a wide range of psychological issues. Please click on her “services" page to see the kinds of clinical problems she regularly works with.



Doctorate (D.Clin.Psy.) in Clinical Psychology (2005)

Bristol Doctorate. Awarded by the University of Plymouth

Masters degree (MSc.) in Forensic Psychology (2000)

University of Kent

Bachelors degree (BSc.Hons) in Psychology with Sociology (1999)

University of Greenwich

MY Online Services include

Below are the types of psychological problems that Dionne is used to assessing and treating:

Low mood and depression

Anxiety problems (constant worry, overthinking, fear and avoidance, tension)

OCD (fear of germs, contamination; fear of causing harm; checking; symmetry and ordering; ruminations and intrusive thoughts)

Panic disorder

Health anxiety


Anger issues and emotion regulation problems

Stress and burnout

Sleep difficulties

Self-esteem and confidence issues

People pleasing, issues with assertiveness and boundary setting


Social Anxiety

Imposter syndrome



ADHD related difficulties

Grief, loss and bereavement

Parenting advice (managing behaviour difficulties and cultivating better parent-child relationships)

WHY ONLINE therapy?


Online therapy offers therapy services from your home or office, saving time and eliminating travel hassles, making it suitable for those with busy schedules.


While beneficial, online therapy may not suit severe mental health issues like psychosis or self-harm. Discussing your needs helps ensure the right level of treatment is provided.


Ideal for people facing geographical, practical, or financial barriers to in-person therapy, providing access to help they might not have otherwise.


Research shows that online therapy yields comparable therapeutic outcomes to in-person sessions, boosting its popularity, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic.